Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms for Homeowners

Government statistics show that the average cost of a house fire is about £24,900 with £7,900 due to property damage and the remainder £14,600 for the economic cost of injuries and fatalities. Many homes have smoke detectors, but just how many actually work? All our fire alarms, including smoke detectors are constantly monitored providing complete peace of mind.

Fire Alarms for Businesses

Fire detection and alarm systems are often taken for granted, and yet when they are needed in an emergency their effectiveness is a matter of life and death. Getting the best fire protection for your staff and premises is essential because a fire can result in significant losses for businesses through production time lost and customers who source supplies from third parties and never return. Fire statistics show that 80% of business that suffer a significant fire fail within the following 12 months. We lead the way in life saving technology with fire detection and alarm systems that cover every application. To find out how our fire alarm systems can help protect your business, please contact us or request a call back on our home page for further information.

L Fire Alarm Systems

There are several Types of Fire Systems and they are designated by Letters as follows:

MFire Alarm systems

These comprise of Manual Call Points usually found on escape routes, staircases etc or where recommended and raise the Alarm throughout the building. There is no Automatic Fire Detection and the system is triggered by someone raising the alarm.

These are concerned primarily with preserving life, and enabling all occupants other than those immediately affected by the fire, to make good their escape from the building. There are several categories within the L system identified as L1 through to L5(lesser). The sub categories denote the type of Automatic sensors, sirens and beacons to be fitted and where.


Fire Alarms

PFire Alarm Systems

These denote an Automatic Fire Detection System installed to take on the additional task of not only preserving life but protecting the building and contents as well when the building is quiet and unoccupied. The system should automatically call the emergency services as a matter of course. Again there are various sub categories from P1 to P5, where the type of protection from the sensors used may be varied.

Fire Systems maybe configured by mixing and matching categories to produce an alarm fit for purpose in any particular premises. Also bear in mind that the construction of the building should be such that fire resistant materials are to be used which can slow down the spread of a major fire and its gases, thus giving people the time they need to escape once the alarm is raised. The object of the Automatic Fire Detection system is to raise the alarm at the earliest possible moment to allow an escape.


Fire Alarms

Radio Fire Alarms

Elan can provide a vast array of Radio Fire Alarm Systems that can be used in various situations, wether this is to add additional detection to an existing wired alarm system for hard to reach places, that cabling is an issue, through to completely wireless systems for buildings or building sites where cabling is not an option. Due to the complexity of Radio systems please contact us or request a call back on our home page for further information.

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